America is safer. And the terrorists are going to kill you.

I allow you that observation.

The recent FBI press conference in Portland, covered here and here is great example of official scaremongering. Straightforward questions are given convoluted non-answers.

There's a lot of drivel of course. So if you want to hear the highlights, listen from 0:53 to 1:37, 18:11 to 20:44 and 24:00 til the end.

If you listen to the second section that I pointed out, notice that the FBI is indirectly asserting that FBI agents do not need to follow state law.

Please vote or I will slowly kill three of the most adorable kittens that I can find.

America is in a crisis. There is only one Presidential candidate that can lead us out of the desert into an era of sparkling refreshment.

I hope that there aren't any Coke voters reading this, because you clearly just don't get it. Pepsi is for modern tastes. It is the voice of youth.
We are lucky to have a catchy song that we can all sing while we march down to the polls.
I got fired by my boss... Pepsi!
I nailed Jesus to the cross... Pepsi!
Powdered mashed potatoes in the cupboard for three years
Alcoholic husbands driving frenetic wives to tears
Poor old widows house burned down... Pepsi!
Tractors plowing down the hills... Pepsi!
Ghastly stench of puppy mills... Pepsi!
Sheets with stinking urine
Bloody shards of glass
Mud flaps burned by hot exhaust
Drunkards passing gas
Children dying of disease... Pepsi!
Leading helpless teens astray... Pepsi!
I can't find the strength to say... Pepsi!
Medicated ointment being spread on painful rash
Old outdated software being thrown into the trash
Everything still tastes the same... Pepsi!

ohGr's anti-Bush video Majik

Yeah, I know this is old, but this is the first time I've encountered it.

The video is available in Real Video, Windows Media, and QuickTime. (21.1 MB download. They seem to be doing some kind of referrer filtering, so just press "go" on your address bar or select the URL and press "return" or "enter" to start downloading the video. You can also put the URL into a link in a local HTML file, load this file into you browser, and then right click and download the file. Slightly annoying, but the QuickTime file is the best looking version that I have seen.)

The animation is impressive. Does anybody have any recommendations of other work by the director, William Morrison?

I enjoyed it, but I think that Clinton would be a better fit for the villain. Without the huge propaganda machine behind him, would Bush be all that mesmerizing? Whenever I see him in a press conference, he reminds me of a deer caught in the headlights. Bush just lucked out and had a rich and well-connected dad. Clinton, on the other hand, was genuinely gifted at manipulating people.